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Clients Reviews

Just a few of the clients that were absolutely satisfied with our services at Affordable Insurane Services!




"I came in to Affordable Insurance looking for somthing cheaper than what I was paying with State Farm. I knew I would be paying a little more than others because I was a new driver, but didn't think it would cost me over $150 a month! I came in and worked with Josh, and I was shocked when he told me the price! He was able to get me the same coverage for only $45 a month! Highly recommended!!"


-April Souza


"I was a second DUI offender and needed to get my second SR-22. Previously I had to pay over $600 to get my SR-22 and $115 a month with no vehicle through Cost-U-Less Insurance. I was dreading what I was gonna have to pay, especially after my second DUI. I came into Affordable Insurance and was shocked I only had to pay $30 a month for my SR-22."


-Brandon Grimes


"I just recieved my first and only DUI and was jumping through all of the hoops to get my license back. It was a nightmare! When I was in my DUI class, someone mentioned how they got their SR-22 from Affordable Insurance. I had no idea what this even was. I gave them a call and they were able to explain what it was and make it very clear on what I needed to do. I made an appointment, and had my SR-22 in my hands within minutes and was on my way to DMV to get my license back! By far the easiest step in my journey dealing with a DUI."


-Chad Rogers


"I had my families insurance through AAA for my husband and I along with my 16 year old son. During his first couple months he got into an accident and AAA raised our rates through the roof! I was irrate! AAA actually referred me to go see Affordable Insurance informing me they could probably beat what i was paying now. I went into their office and got the same exact coverage for less than what I was paying before my son had his accident. Deffinetely shows you need to shop around before getting insurance, especially when another insurance agency even reffers you elsewhere. I highly recommend Affordable Insurance!"


-Nancy Sheppard


"I just got my first apartment and was informed by my landlord I needed renters insurance. I had no idea what it was but Affordable Insurance was able to explain it and get me a good deal! Only $11 a month!"


-Sam Molina


"I just got my first car and didn't know the steps of getting it on the road, just knew I needed insurance. I came into Affordable Insurance and they made everything simple. They explained what types of insurance coverages their are, and why it was important to have good coverage. They were able to get me the coverage I wanted at a really good price. Now I tell everyone about these guys and even get a check for each person I refer to them! It's win win!"


-Kyle Farmer

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